Our Fleet


The flagship vehicle of this German manufacturer consistently ranks as one of the top-rated luxury sedans in the world. After one trip, it’s easy to see why.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Luxury Saloon has the power to keep you moving and an interior that satisfies your senses. The powerful yet quiet air conditioner keeps you cool, and the heated seats warm your body. All the while, you’ll enjoy the look, feel, and scent of a full leather interior as you travel through Ireland.

Tinted windows give up to three passengers additional privacy, and you will have plenty of space for their luggage. Your trip will also include extras like chilled bottled water and onboard Wi-Fi.


The BMW 7 Series represents luxury and performance with a tradition of putting passengers first. You can feel this commitment as soon as your body hits the all-leather seat. Advanced climate control keeps you comfortable, regardless of the weather. The spacious interior and trunk easily accommodate three people and their luggage on an Irish holiday or business trip.

As for performance, the drivetrain provides plenty of power. The automobiles in the 7 series provide very smooth rides with their large wheelbases and advanced suspension. Most 7-series cars have eight-speed automatic transmissions and all-wheel drive.

We provide plenty of extras, from technology charging stations to refreshing water bottles.


Commitment to power and style for up to three passengers and their luggage is the hallmark of the Audi 8 Luxury Saloon.

Despite having the most powerful engines in its class, the A8’s advanced sound-dampening technology makes this roaring beast barely audible to its passengers as you travel through the Irish countryside. Adjustable air suspension and adaptive dampers enable you to glide along the bumpiest of roads or enjoy the thrill of the ride.

With sophisticated climate control, the modest yet elegant interior of the Audi A8 reflects your values. A spacious, all-leather interior provides plenty of room. Luxury extras, like available onboard Wi-Fi and complimentary water bottles, will make your trip even more special.


Only Mercedes could combine the luxury of a limousine and the functionality of a minivan. The V Class MPV has plenty of space for up to seven passengers and their luggage. Although the occupants sit high, getting in and out is easy.

Our narrow regional roads in Ireland are no problem for the V Class and its advanced steering mechanism—plus, it’s much faster than comparable vehicles.

The Mercedes V Class MPV interior lets all occupants enjoy amenities like full leather seats, efficient climate control, and darkened privacy glass. Some extras we include at Avalon Chauffeur Service include cold water bottles and available Wi-Fi.


This luxury full-size van, a vehicle like no other, is ideal for groups of up to nine people. Four-wheel drive helps this vehicle grip the road in all conditions, especially if you’re traveling along the Wild Atlantic Way or the Ring of Kerry.

The Mercedes Luxury Sprinter, with an interior that seems the size of a London flat, expresses refinement and comfort. The van boasts a powerful-yet-quiet climate control system and a full leather interior ample enough to fit five people and their golf clubs.

You’ll get ample storage space for baggage, sporting gear, or sound equipment. Let us know what you need to carry to help determine which size Sprinter would be best.

Privacy windows, rear passenger tables, and onboard Wi-Fi make the travel experience merry, too. We provide complimentary refreshments.


Our slightly larger version of the Luxury Sprinter accommodates up to sixteen passengers—or eight to ten passengers with their golf clubs.

This high-performance van has plenty of power to climb hills and negotiate curves with ease with a cutting-edge suspension system. A seven-speed automatic transmission helps ensure a smooth ride, even when you’re off the motorway and on one of Ireland’s scenic regional roads.

The Mercedes Sprinter will get your group to its destination in style. The loaded interior includes a full leather interior, advanced climate control, privacy windows, rear passenger tables, ambient lighting, and onboard Wi-Fi. We’ll remember the details, like bottles of water, to make the trip extra special.


This luxury vehicle has enough room and style for groups of up to sixteen people. Your executive chauffeur can easily reconfigure the interior to accommodate groups of ten and their golf clubs. It handles as well on the M5 as it does on city streets and rural single-track roads.

The Mercedes Turas interior has all the luxury extras you come to expect from Avalon Chauffeur Service. Convection heating and cooling powers its climate control system. Illuminated side lockers give additional storage space, and a combination of ambient lighting and dark privacy glass creates the ideal environment. Rear tables help passengers feel more at home. Available extras include complimentary refreshments and onboard Wi-Fi.


Larger groups with up to thirty people, or sixteen people and their golf clubs, will reach their destinations in style aboard a Mercedes Minibus.

Like no other minibus in the world, the Mercedes drives like a car yet has more than enough power to transport large groups.

Furthermore, being a Mercedes, this minibus has many stylish features: an all-leather interior, sophisticated climate control system, dark privacy glass, ambient lighting, and large, comfortable passenger seats. On-board Wi-Fi keeps passengers connected and entertained on the go. Furthermore, at Avalon Chauffeur Service, we never overlook the details, such as chilled water bottles.


Treat the entire office to the trip of a lifetime in a full-size Mercedes bus. These vehicles transport up to fifty-three people (or thirty people with golf clubs).

This option is not only ideal for large groups, but it also works well for longer trips or tours. The fuel-efficient Mercedes Bus reduces your group’s carbon footprint.

During trips, passengers enjoy luxuries like all-leather interiors, ambient lighting, and privacy glass. Whether seated in the back or the front, advanced climate control will keep you comfortable. Other features include Wi-Fi connections, power outlets, and flatscreen TVs.